As promised in the Comenius Project proposal our first meeting will be held in Rethymno,  Crete during the week of 13th to 19th of November 2005. We will meet at school (9th Primary School of Rethymno) and visit some places around. A Program of meetings and activities in under preparation and discussion. Please send your ideas and proposals in the project mailing list. Information on how to arrive to Crete and to Rethymno follow.

Official prefecture and city of Rethymno website:

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You may travel to Rethymno:

Upon arrival at the Heraklio or Chania airport (or port):

From the port of Piraeus

There is a boat to Rethymno every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Two boats also sail daily to Heraklion and two for Chania (Hania). The boats sail in the evening and reach their destinations (very) early in the morning. Fares vary in the range of 25 - 80 Euro depending on class. The liners are very comfortable, their restaurants normally serve nice reach meals and the voyage resembles usually a night sea cruise. In periods of increased demand daily voyages are also scheduled. Upon reaching your destination port you will have to take a taxi to the central bus station and then take the bus to Rethymno (see also above).


Hotel accommodation

All 11 colleagues from the participating schools will stay at the "Jo-An Palace Hotel", which is at the centre of Rerthymno in a walkable distance (50-100 meters) to the city garden, the city square (taxis available) and close to the old town and the harbour.  We have booked 8 single and 1 double room from Sunday the 13th of November to Thursday the 17th of November 2005. A brief Timetable of the meeting has been announced.



Normally the weather in November in Crete is rather mild, but it can also get a bit cold. So, bring some warm clothes with you, a raincoat, an umbrella and a jacket. You may need to check on weather forecasts or relevant web sites, such as this one.